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Hi There Mover & Shaker! My name Is Darrell Miles. I’m a 7 yr. Certified eBusiness Consultant. My background is heavy Chamber of Commerce. I’ve worked with hundreds of small companies during my combined 30 year career in Business Services (Workforce Development Manager) and Chamber Development (State President).

I’m glad you are able to review and consider this amazing opportunity with “OFFICE FORTUNE” as a Founding Member as I did.

office fortune
Represent “Office Fortune” As A Ambassador

There is certainly quite a lot of opportunities out there in today’s business arena. After your review, I’m sure you will agree, this is one of the very few life changing ones.

“Office Fortune” Ambassador Position is Fast Paced Profits, Member Focused, Benefit Rich and Value beyond all business/Chamber benefit programs. There’s frankly nothing out there to compare unless you try to group 6 or 7 business together to match the benefits. We are years is development and refinement. We are not a stagnant company, as we continue to add unmatched, valuable benefits to our membership platform.

Our 19 Year track record of providing automated AAA+ approval rating from The “Business of Chamber of Commerce” for our members is, I and many others believe to be much better than the BBB.

Become one of the first to Join us in this rewarding endeavor as a Ambassador Member for Only $297.

What is a Humanitarian Ambassador™? 

Humanitarian Ambassadors™ represent The Humanitarian Project.™ This project is dedicated to helping people throughout the World get FREE access to tools and revenues so they can achieve their goals.

Rather than feeding them a fish, we’re giving them the tools to fish. To start, this is achieved through our FREE affiliate program that at some point, can generate significant revenues at NO cost or consideration to anyone who uses that program.

How The Ambassador Program Works. 

Once you pay $297 to the person or organization that invited you, you’ll be pre-registered as an Ambassador.

Then, your inviter will forward to “Office Fortune” $97 to fully register YOU as an Ambassador.

What Happens Next. 

You can start to promote and invite other Ambassadors instantly. You’ll simply forward people to www.OfficeFortune.com The corporate website (just like you were directed also).

www.MyOfficeFortune.com is my official affiliate site. Please inquire if you would like a free replicated affiliate Ambassador website like this. (optional)

When people get interested in becoming an Ambassador, the interested party will make the $297 payment DIRECTLY to you so you’re paid in real-time. Then you’ll forward the $97 registration fee to “Office Fortune” for them to get officially registered as an Ambassador and so on. You earn $200 per sale.


Please ensure you included your; Full name; Contact email address; Phone number with your $297 payment so you can be fully registered

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